About Us

The Jacobson or just simply “The J” is a cozy yet modern eatery with local seasonal items inspired by the flavors, spices, & cuisines of the Midwest and beyond. The J’s sharable “Mingle” plates along with innovative signature cocktail and flask service provide a unique mix of dining and socializing.

Nestled in the historic Crossroads Arts District “The J” is situated in a converted industrial 4,000 square foot warehouse once occupied by A.D Jacobson. Interestingly enough, A.D. Jacobson was the brother of Edward “Eddie” Jacobson. Eddie Jacobson was a business partner and close personal friend of Harry S. Truman. The two owned and operated The Truman and Jacobson Haberdashery together in downtown Kansas City for many years and worked together on many other businesses and political initiatives.

As you visit “The J” inside you will notice its simple yet modern décor adorned with art from Kansas City based artists. The crown jewel of “The J” is the exterior patio tucked away in an alley on a cobblestone street with breathtaking views of the Kansas City skyline. Previously A.D.Jacobson’s loading dock, the now converted patio is uniquely landscaped with recycled materials made from pallets and ivy actively growing on the exterior walls. Delta Rings, a sculpture developed by Kansas City’s own Stretch, towers over the entire space to give you feel you can’t find anywhere else in the city. “The J” is a great spot for a bite to eat before a show, cocktails with friends, or a business lunch.

Our Managing Partner

From its inception through development, construction, and staffing, Michael’s chameleon-like ability and leadership has helped breathe life into The Jacobson. He believes The J captures the incredible creative energy that resonates throughout the Crossroads District.

Michael Werner knew his space had good bones… it was simply his job to make the most of them… He and Executive chef John Smith have succeeded admirably.

– Tastebud Magazine

The Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of The Crossroads Arts District, The Jacobson has inhabited this 4,000 square foot former haberdashery since 2009. And we must say, it’s a perfect fit.