KC Magazine

If Picasso or Rembrandt wanted to grab a bite in KC, the food and atmosphere at The Jacobson would make them feel like they were back in front of an easel.

- KC Magazine

Jennifer H.

Best burger I've had in my life. BUTTER. The Jacobson Burger kicks the crap out of even the burgers I've dreamt of in my head since sampling them at far-away locales years ago. BUTTER. The combination of the short-rib marmalade and the onion straws, with the well-cooked and moist patty, is a symphony of yum. BUTTER. Have I mentioned the butter yet? That bone marrow butter finishes the whole thing, taking it from "dang that is a great burger" to "Mother of God!

- Jennifer H. K.C. MO

Spaces Magazine

As for style, think cleanly contemporary; expect sexy yet comfortable. Granite, fire, waterfalls, cinder blocks – Their recipe for success in this new addition to the Crossroads

- Spaces Magazine


Yesssss…Yes. Oh God Yes! 
I was lucky enough to have dinner at the Jacobson, and it was definitely one of the best experiences I've had in Kansas City! From the second we walked in, everything was on point: the food, the staff, and the atmosphere.

- Aimee K. St. Louis MO

Spaces Magazine

The kitchen knows how to cook, the sommelier knows how to pour wine, the service staff knows how to make a guest comfortable and the designer knows how to put together an attractive venue… all we need to do is keep visiting The Jacobson and watch as it finds its voice

- Spaces Magazine

Corey N.

Had the stuffed meatballs… macaroni and cheese and the crispy salt and pepper shrimp. All of them unreal. Some of the best food I've had in Kansas City.

- Corey N. Wichita, KS

Tastebud Magazine

Michael Werner knew his space had good bones… it was simply his job to make the most of them… He and Executive chef John Smith have succeeded admirably.

- Tastebud Magazine

Tastebud Magazine

This sleek urban spot with a gorgeous outdoor patio and a totally tasty upscale yet accessible menu will keep patrons coming back for more

- Tastebud Magazine

Bill B

The food, service, drinks, and atmosphere are absolutely outstanding.  If you want to see and be seen, there are tables that make that possible.  If you want the privacy of booths in the back, you can do that. This place has everything.

- Bill B. K.C. MO